Terms of Service

Enacted September 16, 2019

Article 1 (Definition)

In this agreement, the following terms shall be used with the meanings specified in each item.

  1. This service

    This is the fashion rental service for the following members operated by Dressing my way (hereinafter referred to as "our company").

    1. Spot rental service

      Short-term fashion rental service for general users

    2. Unlimited rental service

      Unlimited fashion rental service for general users

  2. Member

    Customers who are approved to register as members of each of our services specified in the previous item.

    1. Spot member

      Customers registered for spot service

    2. Unlimited membership

      Customers registered for unlimited service

  3. This agreement

    This is the agreement.

  4. Withdrawal

    It means that the member loses the right as a member of our company based on this agreement.

  5. Expulsion

    It means that our company forcibly withdraws a member based on this agreement and deprives the right as a member.

Article 2 (Scope of application)

This agreement applies to all relationships between our company and members who use this service.

In addition, the contents of this service and all or part of this agreement may be changed, added or abolished without notice.

Article 3 (member registration)

  1. Customers who use this service can use the electronic record on the prescribed registration application form for each service specified in Article 1 (1), or by other methods specified by us, such as name, address, telephone number, and email. Documents for identity verification such as driver's license, passport, employee ID, etc. that can confirm the date of birth, registered domicile and current address with a photo of the person's face after entering or recording the address and other necessary information (hereinafter referred to as "identity" We will upload the duplicate image data of the original (called "certificate, etc.") to the server designated by us, and we will register the information submitted by the customer in our membership management system and manage it appropriately. However, we may refuse membership registration for customers who fall under any of the following items.

    1. Those who have not passed more than 2 years since the date when the member or service member was expelled in the past

    2. Persons and employees of individuals / organizations that operate the same type of business or those who are equivalent to this

    3. Those who contribute to antisocial forces, or those who belong to a corporation in which antisocial forces are involved in or invest in management

    4. Others who we judge to be inappropriate as a member

  2. Those who have declared false facts at the time of application

  3. Customers who have completed the membership registration set forth in the preceding paragraph will acquire the right to use this service with us. There is no registration fee or annual membership fee for membership registration. However, Plus members do not need to submit duplicate image data and facial photo data of the original such as ID card in member registration unless they apply for the use of some products designated by us.

  4. In order to confirm whether or not the registration information has been changed, or to confirm the identity when using the service, we will re-present the original such as the ID card containing the registration information to the member and duplicate the data. It may be reacquired. In this case, the member shall comply with this by the method requested by our company.

  5. Members shall manage their passwords appropriately at their own risk and shall not lend or leak them to anyone other than the members. In the unlikely event that the member neglects to manage the registered e-mail address or password, we will not be liable for any damage such as spoofing by a third party.

  6. Membership status cannot be transferred, lent, or pledged to a third party.

Article 4 (Handling of personal information)

  1. The ID card, etc. presented at the time of application for registration and the image data of the person's face photo will be stored at our company with the consent of the member.

  2. The member's personal information acquired by us can be used for the development, improvement and provision of this service and other services provided by our company, notification of event information, sending of promotional materials such as product information and catalogs, e-mail, SMS / SNS, etc. Used only for advertising announcements by message service (hereinafter referred to as e-mail etc.), collection and analysis of customer purchasing behavior, optimization of websites operated by our company including this site, and related purposes. However, it will not be used for any other purpose. In addition, advertising announcements by e-mail, etc. include notifications regarding additions, changes, cancellations, etc. of services, information e-mails such as coupons, questionnaire e-mails, and other sales promotion e-mails, and members agree to receive such e-mails. Shall be. However, if you wish to unsubscribe from e-mail, etc. in advance, you can unsubscribe by following the procedures prescribed by us.

  3. The personal information of the member will be properly stored under strict control, and will not be disclosed or leaked to a third party unless required by law or the member himself / herself consents in advance.

  4. If there is any change in the registered information, please change the registration on this site or at the store. We will not take any responsibility even if the member is disadvantaged by neglecting to notify the change of registered contents.

  5. Personal information of members who have withdrawn or been expelled from our company shall be deleted or destroyed together with information on usage status (history) when a considerable period of time has passed from the date of loss of membership due to withdrawal or expulsion. I will. However, this does not apply if the member regains the qualification to become a member of our company by the time we delete or destroy this information.

Article 5 (Compliance with contracts)

Members are required to conclude a fashion rental contract with us when using this service. The establishment and contents of this contract shall be as stipulated in the rental service agreement for each service attached to this agreement. When using this service, the member agrees to the terms and conditions and shall comply with them.

Article 6 (Special rules regarding members)

Article 7 (Granting points)

Article 8 (Copyright of this site)

All copyrights of this site belong to us or the original right holder who licensed us. The subject of this copyright includes all of the site structure, design, graphics such as illustrations and photographs, sentences, source code, etc. Members shall not copy this site without permission or infringe the copyright of our company or the original right holder.

Article 9 (Compensation for damages)

  1. If a member causes damage to a third party in connection with the use of this service, or if a dispute arises with a third party, the member will compensate for the damage at his own expense and responsibility. Or, we shall resolve the dispute and shall not cause any inconvenience or damage to us.

  2. If a member violates these Terms of Use and causes damage to us, the member shall compensate for the damage to us.

Article 10 (withdrawal)

If a member wishes to withdraw from the membership, he / she can withdraw from the membership by following the withdrawal procedure on this site. However, if even one item rented from us has not been returned, or if there is an unpaid amount, you cannot withdraw until the item is returned, the purchase price is settled at the amount specified by us, and the unpaid amount is settled. ..

Article 11 (suspension and expulsion of service)

This service may be suspended or exempted from members who have performed any of the following actions.

  1. If any of the "name, contact phone number, current address, registered domicile" stated in the registration application form is false, or the ID card submitted to us at the time of membership registration, etc. Or if the image data of the person's photo contains falsehood

  2. When subleasing (or renting) a rental product or transferring it to another

  3. When the rental product is intentionally damaged or contaminated

  4. If there is an unpaid amount or there is a significant delay in payment

  5. If the rental product is not returned within a reasonable period of time despite the return request from us after the scheduled return date has passed.

  6. When illegal acts are committed in each of our stores and their surroundings

  7. If you act or act that is judged to interfere with our business

  8. When unauthorized access to this site is performed using another person's ID or password

  9. When this service is unfairly provided using another person's membership number or main membership card

  10. If you violate either this agreement or the rental service agreement attached to this agreement

  11. In addition, when we judge that it is inappropriate as a member

Article 12 (Measures in case of dispute)

  1. If a dispute arises between the member and our company in connection with this service, the member and our company shall discuss in good faith.

  2. If the matter cannot be resolved by consultation, the district court or summary court that has jurisdiction over the location of our head office will be the exclusive court of jurisdiction.

Service membership agreement

1. Definition

  1. This agreement

    This is the contract.

  2. Rental service

    This is a rental service for fashion items (hereinafter referred to as "products") that we provide to our members.

  3. rental

    It refers to the lending of products from our company to members.

  4. Basic rental period

    This is the period specified by us as the period during which a member can rent a product with a single rental order. Specifically, it shall refer to the following period.

    1. When using spot rental:

      In the case of home delivery, 2 nights 3 days or 6 nights 7 days from the day after our product is shipped

    2. For unlimited rental:

      From the time of ordering until it is returned.

  5. Basic rental fee

    This is the fee for a member to return a product rented from us within the basic rental period. Unless otherwise specified, the amounts of various charges in this agreement refer to prices excluding tax.

  6. Extension fee

    This is the extension fee specified in Paragraph 9 of this agreement.

  7. Rental fee

    The total of the basic rental fee plus the extension fee.

  8. Total charge

    This is the sum of the rental fee, cleaning and repair costs, and compensation equivalent to the purchase price of non-returnable products.

  9. Rental contract

    It is a fashion rental contract established between the member and our company when the member receives the rental of the product from our company using the rental service. The provisions of this agreement apply to rental contracts.

  10. keep

    It means that the member pre-orders the product to be rented. Please note that in order to confirm the keep when using the online store, you will need to complete the procedure for replying to the order confirmation from us.

2. General rules

  1. This agreement applies to members who use the dressing my way rental service.

  2. The meanings of the terms in this agreement shall be as set forth in the preceding paragraph and shall be in accordance with the definition of the service membership agreement.

3. Rental service

  1. We rent products such as clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories to members in accordance with the provisions of this agreement. On the other hand, members can rent products from us by paying the basic rental fee according to the rental period.

  2. As a general rule, members pay the basic rental fee in advance, and when returning the product, the rented product will be transported within the basic rental period in the case of spot rental, and within the period of choice when returning it in the case of unlimited rental. You will need to use your company's shipping service to ship. At this time, the date and time when the member performed the return procedure will be determined by recording the delivery date and time of the product by the shipping company. If the period is exceeded for spot rental, a prescribed late fee will be charged.

  3. If you return the product by a method other than the procedure specified by us in the preceding paragraph, all damages and losses such as increase in delivery days, excess of shipping charges, damage or loss of products, late delivery or misdelivery, etc. are all the responsibility of the member. And the member shall pay the cost to us.

4. Business days and hours, etc.

  1. The time to respond to inquiries at our online store is not fixed.

5. Establishment of rental contract

When a member places an order for rental with us, a rental contract based on this agreement will be established between the member and us. Members and our company shall comply with this agreement and rental contract and perform in good faith.

6. Order and keep products

  1. Members can place rental orders on our online store by specifying the product and, in some cases, the date of use.

  2. For some products designated by us, documents for identity verification such as driver's license, passport and employee ID that can confirm the member's face photo and date of birth, registered domicile and current address when confirming the rental order Image data (hereinafter referred to as "identification data") that duplicates the original of the above shall be submitted. However, resubmission is not required for members who have already submitted their ID data.

  3. If the member does not submit the ID data for the offer from us, we shall not be obliged to rent it to the member.

  4. After ordering a member, the state from the day when we contact you to confirm the rental to the day of rental is called keep.

  5. Members can keep the product for the number of days listed in each service.

  6. However, even after receiving the reception, if it becomes impossible to rent the rental product due to reasons such as non-return or damage of the rental product, our shop can cancel the reservation of the rental product. In that case, we will contact you at the registered e-mail address. Members can re-book the desired product from the rentable products by the method specified on this site, or take the refund procedure.

7. Spot rental cancellation

  1. If you no longer need a product whose keep has been confirmed due to the member's convenience, you can cancel it before the shipping date. In that case, a cancellation fee will be charged as follows. The cancellation fee will be deducted from the return price if the rental fee has already been paid. If you have not paid the rental fee, please pay by credit card or bank transfer based on our request.

  2. Cancellation agreement. You can cancel your rental order according to the following cancellation fees and policies

Spot rental:

  1. If you cancel more than 30 days before the delivery date, no cancellation fee will be charged and the payment card used for the order will be fully refunded after deducting the transfer fee from the rental fee.

  2. If you cancel 30 to 14 days before the delivery date, no refund will be given, but we will issue the same amount of coupon that can be used for this service next time.

  3. If you cancel less than 14 days before the delivery date, the payment card used to place the order will be sent the canceled rental fee minus the 30% cancellation fee.

Unlimited rental

The payment card used to place the order will be sent the total rental fee canceled minus the 30% cancellation fee.

8. Basic rental fee

The product rental fee is the total of the rental fee and insurance fee listed on the product rental site or app.

The rental fee does not include consumption tax, customs duty, or for unlimited rental, shipping and cleaning fees.

Unlimited rental: We will return the prorated amount in the last month. In the case of return in the first month, even if it is returned within 3 days, it will be the lowest price, 7.5% of the selling price of the corresponding product, and the rest will be converted on a daily basis.

When placing a rental order for a product, we here allow us to charge the rental payment card.

We will charge the payment card for the rental fee immediately after the rental order.

A product reservation on a site or app is a rental order, regardless of how long ago the product was booked.

In addition, when ordering a product for rent, we allow you to charge your payment card an amount equivalent to 100% of the selling price of the product listed on the site or app and sales tax.

However, you will only charge your payment card for amounts higher than the rental fee. Rental fees do not include all sales taxes, fees and duties.

9. Spot rental extension fee

  1. If the return is delayed or not returned at all, the late fee will be charged to the payment card used to pay the rental fee or any other payment card included in your account information.

  2. I have agreed to pay the late fee within the range of 100% of the selling price and the applicable sales tax (and rental fee) due to the delay in returning the product. Late fees will be paid for each item that is not returned by the due date. If you do not return the product within 20 days from the date of return of the product, the delay in return will be considered non-returnable, you will be asked to purchase it, and the price will be the selling price minus the amount you have paid for the rental fee so far. I will charge you.

    If you rent a product beyond the basic rental period, an extension fee will be charged at the rate specified below.

    1. When we approve the extension based on the prior notice from the member

      10% of the basic rental fee per day after the 1st day of extension 5% of the basic rental fee per day after the 6th day of extension

    2. When there is no prior notice from the member, or when we decline the extension

      The amount of the rental fee paid so far from the selling price after purchasing

  3. Even if a member requests to extend the rental period, our shop may not allow the extension due to the reservation status of the product, inventory management reasons, etc. In that case, the member must return the product within the rental period originally applied for.

10. Precautions for using the product

  1. Members can use the products rented from our store for their own use during the rental period within the range of usage normally planned for the products. As a general rule, it is not possible to let anyone other than the member use the product. We will only accept the member's offer if we find that there is an unavoidable reason.

  2. The member shall deliver the products rented from our store to our store and return them without stain or loss. If the member returns the product beyond the rental period, or if the product needs cleaning or repair, the extension fee and cleaning fee will be settled at the time of return.

  3. The contract period of the rental contract is from the time when the order or keep is completed to the time when the member returns the rented product and the total charge is settled. During this contract period, the member shall not be able to cancel the rental contract prematurely except for the unlimited return period. However, this does not apply if the member advances and returns the product before the scheduled period with the consent of our company. In this case, the extension fee already paid will be settled according to the actual rental period.

  4. If the member uses the rented product in a usage that is not normally planned, or if the product is used by another person beyond the scope of the second self-use, we will describe the reservation / rental slip. Even during the rental period of, the member may be requested to return the product immediately.

  5. Ownership of the product always belongs to us. Please refrain from subleasing, transferring, pledged, etc. the product without our permission.

  6. Rights other than ownership of the product belong to the designer, manufacturer and other third parties. When using the product, please be careful not to infringe the rights of these third parties.

  7. When using a product for advertising of products or services other than the product, or when exposing the product to various media such as television, movies, newspapers, magazines, etc., the product and the brand of the product group including the product Please be careful not to damage the image.

  8. In addition to the above, please comply with the special precautions at each of our fashion rental stores when you inform the members.

  9. Please note that the Company is not liable for any dispute that arises between the member or a member's related party and a third party regarding the use of the product.

11. Product exchange / refund

  1. After the spot rental contract is concluded, we will not accept any exchange or return of products for the convenience of the customer. Please check in advance for dirt, discoloration, damage, etc.

  2. If you want to return the product with unlimited rental, please specify it by 15:00 on the same day, and if it is after 15:00, please apply for the return on this site and return it by the designated courier company by the morning of the next day. It will be calculated from the specified date and time within 7 days after ordering, not from the date and time when it was actually received. We will not accept any exchanges or returns of products after that. Please check in advance for dirt, discoloration, damage, etc.

  3. We will inspect the product as soon as it is received, and if there is any major damage or dirt on the product that is not listed on this site, please contact us from the return application on this site. Please note that if you do not contact us, we will treat the product as if there was no problem.

  4. If the member makes an appropriate contact as specified in the preceding paragraph and it is found that the product has major damage or dirt not indicated on this site, the member can choose one of the methods specified below. Suppose.

    1. Select an available item from other products in the same price range specified by us and make a rental reservation again.

    2. I will take the refund procedure

  5. In addition, the responsibility and obligation for renting the product to our members shall be fulfilled by shipping the product, even if the member does not receive the product for some reason or the receipt is delayed. , We are not responsible.

12. Compensation for unreturned items

  1. If we recognize that there are force majeure or other special circumstances that cannot be attributed to the member's blame for not returning the product, the number of days from the occurrence of the circumstances to the resolution of the circumstances shall be the period specified in (1) of this section. Does not count towards. However, please note that the delay in delivery of the shipping company specified in the next paragraph, the loss or theft of the goods specified in paragraph 15 (2), and other similar circumstances are not recognized as such special circumstances.

  2. The payment of these compensations does not eliminate the member's obligation to return the rental product.

13. Shipping costs, etc.

Spot rental: Free shipping,

Unlimited rental: The shipping cost for the round trip of the product will be borne by the member unless there are special circumstances. We are not aware of any late delivery problems caused by the responsibility of the shipping company.

14. Cleaning

Spot rental: Cleaning by the customer is not possible. If the product becomes dirty, please return it as it is. We will clean it.

Unlimited rental: Please avoid cleaning by yourself as much as possible. Even if the product becomes dirty, please return it as it is if you plan to return it.

Only when renting for 3 months or more, please strictly observe the cleaning precautions for each product.
The cost of cleaning will be borne by the member.

When the customer cleans, if the product is damaged or damaged in violation of the regulations, the product may be purchased. Please note.

15. Measures in case of damage or loss after rental

  1. After taking out the product, the member or a third party agrees to treat the product with the utmost care, as if borrowed from a close friend. You are responsible for any loss, destruction or damage to the product due to theft, fire, heavy dirt, or any other cause other than normal wear or tear. Normal wear includes minor stains, crevices, missing beads, clogged zippers, or other minor damage covered by insurance paid for the rental of the applicable product. If you return a product that is damaged beyond normal wear and tear, we will charge you for repair or replacement of the product and you will be charged up to the selling price.

  2. Our response in the event of damage such as significantly damaging the product value is as follows.


    If repair is possible ⇒ A repair fee will be charged separately from the rental fee.
    If repair is not possible ⇒ Please purchase at the purchase price specified by us separately from the rental fee.
    In addition, if damage occurs on either the top or bottom of the suit part number product and you purchase it, you will need to purchase it as a top and bottom set. Please note that the same applies when you bring out the tops and bottoms separately.

  3. Similarly for lost products, you will be required to pay compensation equivalent to the purchase price specified by us, in addition to the rental fee.

16. Payment method

  1. Basic rental fee

    The basic rental fee is to be paid in advance (if an extension fee is expected to be incurred from the beginning, the rental fee including the extension fee will be paid in advance).
    If the basic rental fee and extension fee are fixed in advance, the payment method for the rental fee will be credit card payment using the credit card information registered by the member. The settlement time is the time of ordering. In the unlikely event that the order is canceled due to the circumstances of the bank after payment, or if the product cannot be delivered as ordered, we will promptly process the refund.

  2. Late fees

    Except for the cases specified in the previous item, the late fee will be paid by our company by the credit card payment method using the member's credit card information when the late fee is confirmed after the product is returned. However, if the product is not returned or cannot be contacted by the member despite the reminder from us, we shall be able to settle at any time.

  3. Total charge

    In addition to the previous two items, the provisions of the previous item shall apply mutatis mutandis to the cleaning and repair costs of the products returned by the members, and the payment method and payment timing of the purchase price if the products are not returned.

  4. Members shall pay consumption tax in addition to any charges (including reimbursement) stipulated in this agreement.

17. Delayed damages

  1. 30 days (including Sundays and public holidays and our holidays) from the day after the product return date is set as a grace period for payment of late damages, and members who paid the total fee in full within the same period will be charged for late damages. I will not.

  2. Members who are unable to pay all or part of the total fee even after the grace period for late damages in the previous item will be subject to the penalty set forth in the next paragraph as a contract violation and unpaid total fee. In addition to the minutes, you will be required to pay the late damages (if it is less than one year, it will be prorated) at a rate of 14.6% per year from the date of product return to the payment.

18. Violation penalty

  1. For members who violate this agreement, all fashion rental stores operated by our company may suspend subsequent transactions for one year in principle.

  2. Even if you pay the total fee and the late damages in full, the penalty in the previous item will continue to be applied until we determine that the member is no longer at risk of non-payment of the fee or violation of this agreement.

19. Scope of damages and exemption from liability

If we violate this agreement or neglect to fulfill the rental contract and cause damage to the member, we will consider the ordinary damage directly and actually caused to the member as the total damage and within the scope of a considerable causal relationship. I will compensate for this. This member's damages do not include lost profits, consequential damages or indirect damages. In addition, the amount of compensation we will indemnify the member is limited to the basic rental fee of the product related to the rental contract in which there was an accident, etc., unless we knowingly or grossly negligently, and in the unlikely event that the member suffers damage in excess of this amount. Even if it does occur, we shall be exempt from liability.

20. Changes and abolition of terms and conditions and this service

We may change or abolish this agreement and the contents of this service without notice. If there is a change in this agreement, the new agreement will be applied from the changed order.

21. Governing law and exclusive agreement jurisdiction

This agreement and this service are governed by Japanese law. If a dispute arises between a member and our company regarding this agreement and this service, the summary court or district court that has jurisdiction over the location of our head office shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance.

that's all

Article 1 (general rules)

  1. This agreement is integrated with the service membership agreement of Dressing my way (hereinafter referred to as "our company"), and is a fashion rental service provided at the fashion rental online shop operated by our company (hereinafter referred to as "rental service"). This applies to our rental members (hereinafter referred to as "members") who use.

  2. In accordance with this agreement, we shall provide members with a service for adding and using points for users (hereinafter referred to as "point service").

Article 2 (Addition and use of points)

Article 3 (Identity verification)

Article 4 (Reissue due to loss, theft, damage, etc. of membership card)

Article 5 (Transfer of points)

Article 6 (suspension of use)

  1. If you want to stop using your membership card, please notify us according to the prescribed procedure. After the processing at our company is completed, the usage will be stopped and the points will expire.

  2. If a member dies, we will treat it as if the notification in the preceding paragraph had been made when we learned of the member's death.

Article 7 (Prohibited acts)

  1. Our company shall be able to cancel the registration of the member and suspend the service if the member falls under any of the following.

    1. If you are suspended or dismissed from membership according to Article 8 of the Service Membership Agreement

    2. If the penalty stipulated in paragraph 17 of the rental service agreement is imposed and continues

    3. If you use the point service to commit an act that is offensive to public order and morals or a criminal act (including illegal acquisition or use of points)

    4. When we provide information that is contrary to the facts or other information that is offensive to public order and morals to us, other registrants, or a third party

    5. If you interfere with the operation of the rental service or point service, or if you act slanderous

    6. In addition, when we judge that it is inappropriate

  2. Even if a member suffers a disadvantage due to cancellation of membership registration or suspension of service, we will not be liable for it.

Article 8 (Cancellation / interruption of point service)

Article 9 (Disclaimer)

Article 10 (Business Consignment)

Our company shall be able to outsource a part of the point service operation management business based on this agreement to a third party.

Article 11 (Revision of this agreement, etc.)

We may add, change, revise or abolish all of this agreement, the contents of the point service, terms of use, etc. without notice. The details of the revisions will be announced in the media such as over-the-counter notices or websites that we deem appropriate.

Article 12 (Court of Jurisdiction)

  1. If a dispute arises between the member and our company in connection with the point service, the member and our company shall discuss in good faith.

  2. If the dispute set forth in the preceding paragraph is not resolved by consultation, the Tokyo Summary Court or the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance.